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22.10.2019 - 2500 kN Hydraulic special clamping tool for testing ropes and strands

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Clamping tool:
Art.-No.: V 2500.HY.ME.0
Rated load: 2500 kN
External dimensions:

810mm x 500mm x 700mm WxDxH
Weight: about 2400 kg

Hydraulic system:
Art.-No.: V.AG.2500.1
External dimensions:

500mm x 750mm x 1200mm WxDxH
Volume: 65-70 dB

Remote control with touchscreen

V 2500.HY.ME.0_PicS_5
V 2500.HY.ME.0_PicS_6

02.10.2019 - Video-Section

In the Video section a clip of a new 2000kN hydraulic clamping tool was added.

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17.04.2017 - Video-Section

In the Video section a clip of a new 100kN wedge clamping tool with hydraulic preload was added.

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17.04.2017 - Business Card

The business card, optimized for different devices, is from now on downloadable in the section “Site Notice”.

 Business Card - Arpad Vas


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22.02.2017 - Leaflet

The leaflet is from now on downloadable under the section “Service” respectivley “Products”.



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27.04.2015 - Product Update

We could increase the maximum nominal load of our clamping tools significantly, actual the amount for hydraulic clamping tools is 2000kN, for mechanical clamping tools 1500kN.

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P/N: V.600.ME.PN.0

Nominal load: 600kN

Overall dimensions: 290x245x210mm WxHxD

Weight: ca. 77kg/pc.

Pneumatic connection: R 1/4“
Operating pressure: max. 6 bar

With the pneumatic mechanical clamping tool, metallic and non metallic samples can be clamped slip-freely.
The clamp load is generated with the wedge action. The preload is generated pneumatically.

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V.600.ME.PN.0 - 2

27.04.2015 - 600kN pneumatic mechanical clamping tool

27.04.2015 - Video-Section

In the Video section a clip of a new pneumatic 1kN clamping tool was added.

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17.06.2013 - Video-Section

In the Video section new clips were added.

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11.12.2012 - Video-Section

In the “Video Section” product clips will be published soon.

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22.10.2012 - 1500kN mechanical clamping tool with synchronisation and motorized preload


P/N: V.1500.KSCH.MO.0

Nominal load: 1500kN

Overall Dimensions: 840x450x300mm WxHxD (without motor)

Weight: ca. 720kg/pc.


Suitable for short samples, maximum  sample thickness 100mm


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1500kN Keilschraub - Small

22.10.2012 - 300kN hydraulic clamping tool for textile fabrics



Clamping tool

P/N: V.300.HY.HY.1

Nominal load: 300kN

Overall dimensions: 648x375x300mm WxHxD

Weight: ca. 410kg/pc.


Hydraulic system

Overall dimensions: 500x1200x600mm WxHxD

Weight: ca.120kg

Sound pressure level: 65-70dB


Remote control with touchscreen

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